Gathering Summit

The Gathering Summit was an online conference in April of 2019 that brought together community-builders, event designers, and clergy from all over the world for talks on community, ritual, and modern divinity.


We've released 8 talks from some of our most popular speakers, which you can check out below.


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Priya Parker

Author of The Art of Gathering

Casper ter Kuile

Director of Possibility at On Being Impact Lab

Angie Thurston

Director of Formation at On Being Impact Lab

Ankit Shah


Scott Heiferman

Founder of Meetup

Saron Yitbarek

Founder of CodeNewbie

Kursat Ozenc

Founder of the Ritual Design Lab

Elan Babchuk

Glean Network


Charles Vogl

Author of Art of Community


Jacki Hillios

Deputy Executive Director at The Phoenix


Amy Van Doran

Founder of Modern Love Club

Love & relationships

Jill Salzman

Founder of the Founding Moms

Online gatherings Entrepreneurship

Alex Hillman

Fearless leader at IndyHall

Local gatherings Advocate

Lennon Flowers

The Dinner Party

Local gatherings Multi-city

Sanderson Jones

Sunday Assembly


Katie Gordon

Facilitator at Nuns & Nones

Local gatherings Divinity

Nicole Christensen



Kristine Sloan

CEO of StartingBloc

Leadership training

Aaron Blaine


Local gatherings

Kyle Somersall

Founder of Innerglow

Local gatherings Wellness

Rabbi Amichai

Founding spiritual leader of Lab/Shul NYC


Ida Benedetto

SYPartners / Patterns of Transformation

Immersive experiences

Kevin Huynh

People & Company


Mitch Altman


Hacker spaces

Brad Wolfe

Executive Director of Reimagine End of Life

Local gatherings Grief

Jon Gottfried

Co-founder of Major League Hacking

Multi-city Hackathons

Jeremy Redleaf

Co-founder of Caveday

Local gatherings Productivity

Felecia Hatcher

Co-founder of Black Tech Week & Code Fever

Tech education Local gatherings

Melanie Banayat

Founder of Wing Space

Local gatherings

Richard Bartlett

Co-Founder of Loomio, The Hum, and Enspiral

Online gatherings Decentralized organizations

David Spinks

Founder of CMX & VP of Community at Bevy

Advocate Online gatherings

Jaudia Quinn

Director of Operations at LaunchHouse

Local gatherings

Andrew Hyde

Founder of Startup Weekend & Startup Week

Multi-city Hackathons

Jillian Richardson

Creator of Joy List NYC & author of Unlonely Planet

Local gatherings Author

Kyle Baptista

Chief Community Officer of Creative Mornings

Local gatherings Multi-city

Nick Gray

Founder of MuseumHack

Local gatherings

Salaam Bhatti

Spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community


Devin Karbowicz


Immersive experiences

Mike MacCombie


Local gatherings

Douglas Tsoi


Local gatherings


Casey Rosengren

Casey is an entrepreneur, writer, and community-builder. He founded Hacker Paradise, a traveling community for digital nomads, as well as a number of other community-related projects, like Recess LabsProject Mischief, and the  Gathering Lab (with Tony!).

He's excited to bring together the global community of gatherers in one, big, happy conversation.

Tony Bacigalupo

Tony's sort of obsessed with bringing people together. He started Manhattan's first coworking space, New Work City, in 2008—using it as a clubhouse for hundreds of Meetups, workshops, classes, hackathons, unconferences, potlucks, and more.

He now helps others build collaborative spaces all around the world through his consultancy, New Work Cities. Find him on Twitter and Instagram.





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